1 Oak NYC

453 W 17th St 347-921-0002

In the heart of Chelsea, 1 OAK New York is one of NYC’s most exclusive nightclubs. Known for a chic, yet intimate setting, 1OAK is the perfect spot to sip exquisite cocktails from premiere bottle service. And dance the night away to some of the best deep house music performed by DJ’s. And producers from around the world.

1OAK is notorious for celebrity spotting’s, whether it be models, actors, or influencers. You bound to run into some of NYC’s most famous socialites. The best night to attend a party is Thursday. So if you’re ready to dress to impress and mingle with some fun company, 1OAK is the place to be.

About 1 Oak NYC

1 Oak is one of New York City’s most popular venues, boasting an elite crowd and exclusive parties. The club really gets moving at around 1:30-2, full of models, jet-setters, professionals and bohemians alike. The line is long, and they pack the club. Which makes it feel that much better if you can skip ahead to a VIP table.

The nightclub 1 Oak boasts a mixed crowd, ranging from international moguls to downtown artists. DJs spin a variety of music at 1Oak, like Top 40 and hip-hop, and mainstream EDM / dance music. The 1Oak NYC consistently hosts world-renowned DJs, and guests often treated to surprise performances. Getting into 1Oak NYC is easiest early in the night. But we strongly recommend it that groups reserve a private table to make it through the door.

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Guest List & Reservation

We have 13 individual restrooms which can be availed by any of our prestigious customers. Treat your taste buds well while you’re at our place. The in-house catering services proffered at the venue are also one of a kind. You can always get your table reserved. What all you have to do is fill in the form on our official website.

1Oak New York Details & Tips

1 Oak is all about elegance, class, and its art-like environment. The club has always livened up to New York City’s nightlife culture. Nightlife trends have never been persistent but 1Oak has outlasted all those trends. The visitors once tasted the flavor of nightlife at 1Oak had always come back in search of the same flavor. Located at the center of Chelsea, this place has always been the heart of New York’s City nightlife.

We openly boast about having the famed DJs to host the events. Our guests have also enjoyed the surprise performances from thefamous DJs. We have state-of-the-art sound systems and lighting systems installed. The music booms all over the place filling each soul with holy thrill. We are fully equipped to serve your wild partier nature.

Those who seek to have fun-in-style would always choose 1 Oak in the town. This place can never be fully described in words, one has to see it for one’s own self. Come, visit us to have an out-of-the-world experience.

1 Oak Bottle Service

1 Oak bottle service minimums start at $1,500 and can go up to $10,000 or more. Depending on what you choose and where you want to have your bottle service. Prices may vary.

1 Oak Table Service

Tables at 1 OAK run at a premium as compared to other NYC clubs. But don’t worry, you’ll get the exclusive experience you’re paying for! For a standard 10 person VIP table, 1 OAK charges between $4,000-$5,000.

1 Oak Dress Code

Dress to impress in sky-high and the latest designs. Suits, cocktails dresses, mini-skirts, and the highest heels possible. Ladies, don’t even think about putting flats on. Gentleman, leave your sneakers and jeans at home, we’re going for the sexy businessman look.

1 Oak Birthday Parties

Come party at 1 OAK for your special night! Using our website, you can find a range of special packages and table options to suit your needs!