Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party is one of those nights that a man will surely remember for the rest of his life. As long as he does not get too drunk, if you know what we mean. ShowTime Event Planning knows what it takes to make your Bachelor Party in New York a perfect one.

We get you and your Bachelor Party friends into the best clubs in NYC. Reserve your VIP Tables and make sure that everything you need for a successful Bachelor Party. Setting up a Bachelor Party in a NYC Club. Lounge, Strip Club or Rooftop Lounge is as easy as contacting us.

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Guest List & Reservation

We pride ourselves on being independent. And not making deals for bachelor with clubs that lock us into sending our clients to celebrate their bachelor party. At venues we know won’t be acceptable to them. We don’t consider our customers “clients”, we consider them friends.

And we take pride in treating them like it. We treat each bachelor party with care because our name depends on it. That is why we properly screens each & every club in NYC that we suggest for a bachelor party.

Some Bachelor Party rules

If you’re the best man, you’re the party planner.

First order of business: Find out what the groom wants to do. Does he want to tear up NYC, or would he rather sit around with his buds and smoke cigars? Not all bachelor parties involve tons of booze and strippers. If he doesn’t want strippers (perhaps because of an agreement with his fiancée), don’t “surprise” him. Once the groom decides the night’s festivities, it’s your job to make them happen.

The groom pays for nothing.

All costs should split equally among those attending the party. So if you’re going away for the weekend, start saving your pennies. Best man: It’s your responsibility to collect the money, so start early.

Don’t act as if you’re at a frat party.

A few shots in honor of the groom are fine. Chasing shots by shotgunning beers? Probably not. Earlier, you want the groom to actually remember his last night of freedom. Drink and be merry, but if the groom ends up sunburned on a rooftop in NYC, you’ve gone too far.

Figure out transportation before the night (or weekend) starts.

Best man: Put this on your growing to-do list. Plan how guests will get to and from the destination — especially when alcohol is involved. Having a member of your crew commit to being the designated driver is great. But if no one’s volunteering, you need to arrange for car service. Remember: the groom pays for nothing.

The party isn’t over until the groom says it’s over.

If the groom wants to stay a little longer, you stay. If he wants to leave, you leave. If he thinks you’re drinking too much, you switch to water. Without the groom there would be no bachelor party, so he is in charge of everything.