Boat Party

CNYC Boat Party invites you to drink, dance, and party as you sail alongside New York City’s breathtaking skyline. Enjoy as you navigate around New York. And other beautiful beach areas. We feature the best nightlife Boat Party options that New York offers, and the best holiday Cruises.

Also, what better way to celebrate a birthday party or special event then to celebrate on a Boat party. If you’re looking to host a Boat Party or celebrate on a luxury Boat Party Yacht. Or want to charter a boat party Yacht, then look no more. CNYC features New York’s premier Boat Party vessels, and can assist you with setting up a private event. Call 1-646-739-8219 and mention promotional code “CNYC BOAT PARTY” to get started today.

And Don’t worry about rain, snow, the heat or the cold while on the boat party. You can enjoy the feel of the outdoors. Admiring the city skyline and the attractions of the NYC harbor from the comfort of your seat. In the enclosed deck or you can get the wind in your hair. Standing on the outside deck soaking in the view and a cocktail. The choice is yours.

Whether the backdrop of your boat party is snow on the trees. On Christmas, New Year or Valentines Day, fall foliage on Columbus Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, a boat party frames that view. Whether spring is in the air on St. Patrick’s Day or Easter.

Whether the sun finally warms your skin on Cinco De Mayo. Mother’s Day, or Memorial Day, or if it’s suntan weather on July 4th or Labor Day. A private chartered yacht boat party is the place to be enjoying it.

Boat Party Music, Food & Open Bar Options

The break you’ve been waiting for is finally here. Forget about heading to the local watering holes. After spending so much time at your desk, you deserve more than that. Our Boat Party yachts features music, drinks, and even food scour the listings. And find the boat party that’s right for you. Purchase tickets while you can.